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Mary and Carol Higgins Clark

Such Mother, such girl

Of passage in France for the promotion of their respective books of summer, Mary Higgins Clark and its Carol daughter entrusted to some representatives of the regional press, of which Delirium, with the Pipe Furet du North in Lille (France) which had the exclusiveness in the single meeting of dedication in France.

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The long caterpillar of readers was already there, awaiting the dedication of "And we will be re-examined" or "On the cord", when they arrived, Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter Carol Higgins Clark. Selected pieces of their answers to the press.

The first time where I saw your daughter it played in an adaptation of one of your novels. Do you think that in general the cinema is interested rather little in your books? Is this the reason for which it ended up writing with despair to be able to play more?

Mary HC: In Hollywood today when a film is made the principal role is primarily male. As my principal characters are women, there is only the tele one which is interested in it. In addition my novels are initially psychological suspense and not ' not as in Hollywood of the action, of violence.

Is this difficult to be made a first name in the writing when one has such a famous mom, or is this even more difficult to be made to a first name in so much qu ' actress?

Carol HC: It is not because I am called Carole Higgins Clarck which people buy my books. IT is very a long time I had changed name whereas I could take the name of my mother and my books had been very well sold. I took it again a few years ago but by recognition ' for my mother to have given me the desire for writing, fear while my daughter write to make you laugh. It is the large difference between both. Carol writes more comedies. The characters of Carol are much exentriques, more mild nutter, if it arrives has to make better laugh while writing so much!

Can one hope for one day to read you both in the same novel?

We have two different ways, I thus do not think that we will write a novel together. If we must do something together I believe that it would be rather a play. We have both a very great attention with the dialogue.

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Do your two books oblige the reader to choose and especially to make the comparison, that you gene - T-it?

MHC: In fact is there a great difference between the novels of Mary Higgins Clark and those of Carol H. C I write novels to make you.

You begin with a historical biography which did not really go you will be tried by a book which would not be criminal?

MHC: I would like to find time one day to write a novel, and to send it under a pseudonym to his editor to see whether it would refuse it. My large mother who never wrote of book would be delighted by see a novel with her name. If you see one day a book with its name it is that it is of me.

We will speak about this book for which you came, there is an intrigue, suspense, but there is especially the problem of medicine and the glance that you carry to him to the United States.

We have marvellous doctors and hospital, but the organization of health, organization created it there has ten years, gave very bad results and even the doctors complain some.

Is what you believe in the magic, the superstition, since it is much question in your book?

C H C: Was my large mother, of origin Irish, very superstitious, I believe much in magic etc...?

Collected by N.A.

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