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Eliette Abécassis

Master and disciple

It is to introduce to its book My father that Eliette Abécassis was with the fnac of Lille where met we it. Always available, she agreed to answer our questions.

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Are you satisfied with the reception that the public with reserved for your preceding book, the treasures of the temple ?

I of it am rather satisfied. I in general put keys in my books but there I acknowledge that I did not have many discussions with the readers on those which were put in this book. I find a little that frustrating because that gives the impression which the readings are surface.

To come to My father , it is a book which gives the impression to come from the bottom of you...

Certainly. For a long time I took notes while thinking of a publication, I then decided to make a book of it. The idea of this novel comes from the relations which I maintained with my father. I have very strong relationship with my father who is teaching. He was my Master, it is thus this relation of Master with disciple who gave me desire for building something on the reports/ratios girl and father.

To prepare with dead is his/her parents something of essential for better managing these reports/ratios?

As of childhood, I believe that one prepares with dead his parents. It is odd because that remains also unthinkable when one grows that when one was small and that one is unaware of what death represents and one does not believe in it. All this universe remains abstract.

There is despite everything the refusal of forgets when one loses parents with whom one was very dependent...

Absolutely. In my book, heroin saw a depression because of the amnesia from which it suffers. It remembers any more nothing. It is the recall of all that it passed in this relation with his/her father who will allow him to leave this depression.

The father reports/ratios and girls are rather particular but one speaks about it much less than the reports/ratios mother girls...

One speaks much about the relations mother and girl or mother and wire but one evokes much the reports/ratios father and girl. I believe that the relation father and girl are very significant bus in addition to with dimensions emotional there is the entry in the language, the law. That determines a whole particular universe for a girl. I think that, like model, it is very difficult to leave this relation.

Your character principal feels guilty failure of the life of his father...

It is the bottom of the book. It carries the culpability of the failure of the life of her father. I think that it is true, the children are there to repair the faults of the parents.

Even if they do not know it, it carry in them and in their life, the history of their parents since the past.

What revolts you more in the life?

Poverty and misery in the world. The fact that one has evil to receive in France of the people called without papers revolts me too.

What moves you more in the life?

The human relation.

What do you think of the situation of the Close East?

It is terrible, very sad and worrying because one does not see a close exit. I am very anxious.

How does without one working day Eliette Abécassis?

I rise in general towards 9h and I work until at the end of the afternoon.

Do you have particular moments to write?

I write now in the course of the day. Still a few times ago I wrote much in the night. I changed my rate/rhythm and I write all the day. When I am in period of writing, I do only that, I cannot leave there because that can make me lose the wire of the history. I am grabbed by what I write until the moment when I have the impression that the characters of the book become real.

For do your period of writing, your daily newspaper, your entourage or the media environment affect the history which you tell?

Yes, completely. In the treasure of the temple I mention the question of Moslem fanaticism through a sect. That was obviously related to a fresh topicality. I am inspired constantly of what animates my daily newspaper in term of facts, information and current events.

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Which is the last book which marked you?

Les Miserables of Victor Hugo whom I read again recently.

What would you wish that the reader retain My father ?

I inevitably do not hold so that it retains something but that it is moved. It is really what I sought to do with My father , and if it must retain something is to avoid passing beside its life.

Collected by N. A. (Sept. 2002)

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